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Transform Your Event with Boise’s Walkable Downtown Hotels

For meeting planners, downtown Boise presents a rare opportunity to extend the boundaries of event planning outside of the meeting space. Downtown Boise encourages immersion in its lively atmosphere and attendees not only gain valuable insights from their events but also experience the authentic essence of Boise.

Central to downtown Boise’s charm is its diverse selection of hotels, each offering its own distinct style and range of amenities. These hotels are ideally situated within walking distance of each other and the 86,000 square-foot Boise Centre, making event logistics and leisure planning seamless. This proximity allows attendees to effortlessly transition between meetings and the city’s vibrant culture, making Boise an extension of the event. Networking opportunities and relaxing moments blend against a scenic backdrop of charming local shops, boutiques, and an array of dining options, all contributing to the city’s “college campus vibe.”

Discover Premier Downtown Boise Hotels

credit: The Grove Hotel

One key advantage of planning events in Boise is the ability to book multiple hotels under a single contract. This streamlines logistics, ensuring every attendee finds accommodations tailored to their needs, from room types to budgetary requirements. Whether your attendees are drawn to hotels brimming with local art, to those just steps from the greenbelt offering complimentary bikes, pet-friendly stays, or suites with all the comforts of home, downtown Boise has it all. 

Key among these offerings is a hotel directly adjacent to Boise Centre and connected to Idaho Central Arena, known for hosting Boise’s top concerts and lively hockey games with seating for 5,400. Another standout hotel features a restaurant led by a James Beard-nominated chef. This spring also marks the debut of two unique boutique hotels—one boasting a rooftop bar—further broadening your choices. Here’s a selection of some of the top stays in downtown Boise: 


Walkable Activities Within Downtown Boise

Whether meeting attendees are finding moments of leisure between sessions, unwinding after a day’s events, or simply enjoying a lunch break amidst the inviting weather, there’s so much to do in downtown Boise.

Biker biking on greenbelt

Walk, bike, or jog 25-miles of riverside trails:

Stretching along the scenic Boise River, the Greenbelt offers 25-miles of paved paths ideal for walking, jogging, or cycling. Complimentary bikes from various downtown hotels make this an easily accessible option for attendees to immerse themselves in Boise’s natural beauty.

Taste the authentic flavors of northern Spain:

A unique cultural enclave in the heart of Boise, the Basque Block showcases the rich heritage of the Basque community, originating from northern Spain. Attendees can enjoy traditional Basque foods such as croquetas and paella, prepared and enjoyed outdoors on restaurant patios every Wednesday. 

Climb Boise’s foothills for panoramic views:

For attendees who have been admiring the foothills from the glass windows of their meeting rooms and wish to explore them up close, these natural wonders are conveniently located just a short journey from downtown. Starting from Hyde Park, which is remarkably close, there’s a treasure trove of sights to be discovered. Among these is Camel’s Back Park, where breathtaking panoramic views of the city await. The area is equipped with amenities such as tennis courts, a playground, picnic areas, beach volleyball courts, and mountain biking trails. For those seeking a truly local experience, grabbing takeout from one of the many eateries and enjoying a picnic on the mountain is a quintessential must-do.

Unwind in downtown green spaces:

Downtown Boise is dotted with green spaces and parks, each offering a peaceful retreat to take in the outdoors. Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, and Kathryn Albertson Park beckon visitors for leisurely strolls and opportunities to delve into Boise’s rich history and heritage.

Four people drinking wine together

Sample local brews and wines on foot:

Boise’s thriving craft beverage scene is well-represented in the downtown area. Attendees can walk to various wineries and breweries for tastings and tours, experiencing the best of local flavors. Some of the most popular spots include SCORIA Tasting Room, Boise Brewing, Payette Brewing Co, and 10 Barrel Brewing Boise. 

boise shopping at mixed greens

Savor unique eats and one-of-a-kind shops:

When it comes to dining and shopping, attendees will find an abundance of options in downtown Boise. Explore independently owned coffee shops for a distinct taste and discover specialty stores like the City Peanut Shop for small-batch, hand-crafted nuts, as well as The Chocolat Bar for homemade chocolates. Attendees can also peruse boutique clothing stores and gift shops for unique finds to remember their trip.

Explore Boise’s street art scene:

A stroll through downtown Boise reveals a vibrant collection of public art and murals, with the iconic Freak Alley Gallery standing out as a must-see attraction. Each artwork tells a part of the city’s story, showcasing the creativity and diversity of Boise’s artistic community.

Group of people white water rafting

Embark on river adventures:

During the warmer months, the Boise River transforms into a bustling hub for water activities. Attendees can rent kayaks or paddleboards to explore the river, providing a refreshing break from indoor events. For those seeking more adventurous outings, day trips for whitewater rafting and tubing are also available.

Set Your Event Apart 

In downtown Boise, your event’s success goes beyond the meeting agenda. It’s about crafting an immersive experience where professional development seamlessly merges with the city’s charm. With a diverse range of walkable activities, attendees can effortlessly explore Boise’s finest offerings, blending business with pleasure. 

Boise Centre serves as more than just a venue; it’s a gateway to adventure, culture, and rejuvenation. Hosting your event here offers an opportunity for remarkable meetings infused with the vibrant spirit of a city eager to share its story. Choose Boise as your next event destination and leave a lasting impression on your attendees!