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Boise has all four seasons. The weather is most mild during the months of May, June and September. December and January are the city’s coldest months. As a high desert climate, nights in Boise cool quickly and days heat up quickly as well. Summers tend to be hot, and Boise has more than 200 days of sun every year. The average high in July is about 90 degrees. The average low in January dips to around 24 degrees.

Throughout the winter, the surrounding foothills are often snowcapped, while snow accumulation in the city tends to melt quicker due to milder temperatures. With easy access to snow-covered mountains but mild conditions in the valley, Boise offers a best-of-both-worlds winter experience.

In the fall, the colors of our fall leaves are breathtaking. Peak season for fall color is from early October to mid-November.

FridayMay 24

High: 70˚Low: 47˚

overcast clouds

Overcast clouds.

SaturdayMay 25

High: 65˚Low: 48˚

light rain

Light rain.

SundayMay 26

High: 68˚Low: 45˚

clear sky

Clear sky.

MondayMay 27

High: 78˚Low: 54˚

few clouds

Few clouds.

TuesdayMay 28

High: 85˚Low: 61˚

light rain

Light rain.

WednesdayMay 29

High: 68˚Low: 53˚

light rain

Light rain.

ThursdayMay 30

High: 59˚Low: 44˚

few clouds

Few clouds.

FridayMay 31

High: 62˚Low: 40˚

clear sky

Clear sky.

Snowboarder on a cat track in winter


Moderately cold and snowy with cloudy days more likely.

November: High 49°F | Low 33°F
December: High 38°F | Low 25°F
January: High 38°F | Low 25°F
February: High 45°F | Low 30°F

Person enjoying the view at Hull's Gulch Trail


Pleasant, warm afternoons with sun likely.

March: High 55°F | Low 36°F
April: High 64°F | Low 41°F
May: High 72°F | Low 48°F



Hot and dry with long, sunny days.

May: High 72°F | Low 48°F
June: High 82°F | Low 55°F
July: High 92°F | Low 62°F
August: High 90°F | Low 61°F



Cold mornings and evenings that warm up in the late afternoon with sun likely.

September: High 80°F | Low 43°F
October: High 65°F | Low 43°F

Come play in Boise during all 4 seasons.

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