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Museums inspire. They have the power to change us. They are a treasure for present and future generations. Boise’s museums have many hidden treasures to discover about the area’s rich history. They invite us to gather knowledge and experiences rather than material things.

Boise Art Museum

For the past 70 years, this family-friendly museum has enchanted visitors with dynamic, thought-provoking collections and major traveling exhibitions. It features an airy sculpture garden and multiple galleries.

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Basque Museum & Cultural Center

Located on the historic Basque block in downtown Boise, the Basque Museum & Cultural Center provides education and preserves the culture of the Basque community in Idaho and throughout the American West.

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Discovery Center

This interactive science museum has more than 40 hands-on exhibits and displays, with a rotating schedule of traveling exhibits throughout the year. Come learn why soap bubbles have iridescent colors, how machines and devices work and much more.

Image by @the_portable_life_with_speetjs

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Children’s Museum of Idaho

This is where children come to learn through play and exploration. Your kids will love the interactive exhibits, hands-on activities and sensory stimulation. Everything inside is designed to inspire young minds.

Image by @madisondevino

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