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Friends hanging out at a night club


Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party stops in Boise. Downtown Boise is full of bars and clubs, from watering hole institutions to bass-thumping dance clubs, large and small, ideal for a night crawl. If cinema is your thing, there are plenty of big screens around Boise metro, including two local art theaters in downtown Boise. The Flicks is an independent art theater and The Egyptian Theater is a historic venue that host classic movie night. Of course, while you’re out enjoying the Boise nightlife, be sure to use one of the rideshare options available.

Worn-Tin band performing on stage


Geographically speaking, Boise is in a sweet spot for music, smack dab in the middle of several major cities in the Rocky Mountain region and Pacific Northwest, making Boise a concert promoter’s dream for sneaking in pickup shows. There are venues of all sizes featuring bands of almost every genre (we can’t vouch for reggae-banjo-dubstep, sorry).

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Person performing on stage at /Idaho Pun Slam


No matter where you’re from, having a good laugh is universal. Get a taste of Boise’s standup comedy at Liquid Laughs, a traditional comedy club featuring local and touring comedians. Look to larger venues like Extra Mile Arena, Idaho Central Arena or the Morrison Center for more prominent headliner acts.

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Main stage entrance at Treefort Music Festival

Treefort Music Fest

Treefort is like a week-long farmers market of music. It takes over a good chunk of downtown Boise with indoor venues and outdoor stages. In addition to the flagship Treefort music festival, many other complimentary “forts” have popped up during the week, including Alefort, Filmfort, Yogafort, Skatefort and more. Learn more about Treefort here.

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Band performing on stage at Boise Music Festival

Boise Music Festival

Boise Music Festival is a feast for your ears, featuring a diverse lineup of local, regional and national groups performing a variety of music styles, including rock, alternative, country, Americana, rap, hip-hop and more.

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