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5 Things to Consider when Planning your Corporate Event

Planning any type of corporate event starts early. Even before the venue is selected or the attendance list is curated, there are a few things to consider that will be crucial for putting your event together. These five suggestions will help set the foundation and ensure a successful event in Boise, Idaho.

#1: Know Your Objectives

The first step to any successful corporate event is to understand your goals. What are the key objectives you want to accomplish? You may be holding a sales meeting, team building event or training seminar. Write down what a successful meeting would look like for you. 
You may have specific numerical goals like selling a certain number of products. Or, your goals could be more abstract like attendees learning as much as possible about a topic. Maybe there are speakers you absolutely have to have at your meeting. You might also have brainstormed essential seminars, showcases or workshops. 

Have you envisioned a format for the event? Will you have long sessions or short ones? Will part of the event take place at local attractions? All of these things are important questions to consider when planning your next corporate event. Lastly, make sure to dream big when envisioning your convention! “The Neighborhood,” nestled in the heart of Boise’s downtown district, is a special venue that expands the possibilities for your corporate event.

The Neighborhood merges two of Idaho’s most-requested meeting spaces for one unforgettable event. Hold keynote sessions, workshops and trade shows in Boise Centre, Idaho’s largest convention center that accommodates groups of all sizes. Just steps away, the Idaho Central Arena offers 5,000 seats and 17,000 square feet of trade show space for larger conferences, concerts and any of your other event needs. 

Attendees will love exploring Boise’s thriving and walkable downtown scene that boasts plentiful dining, breweries and wine tasting rooms, shops, nightlife and cultural attractions.

#2: Understand Your Audience

Step two to throwing a standout event is understanding your attendees. Will they be high level executives, new hires or a broad range of employees? Is there a certain age group you expect to attend? Maybe all of your attendees will be creative professionals or technical-minded engineers.

It’s essential to personalize the event to your targeted audience. All of your marketing, decorations, taglines and signage should use language your attendees will respond to. Think about what tone your target audience connects with. If they’re creative thinkers, flashy and fun prose is the way to go. If your audience tends to be more technical-minded, be clear, persuasive and to the point. 

#3: Communication is Key

Attendees love when events are well organized. Consider popular topics, new developments or trends when planning session content. If there are multiple sessions happening simultaneously, many will prefer to plan their schedule in advance. As soon as you can provide copies of the agenda, do so. 

It’s also a good idea to have printed and digital agendas at the event itself. There will always be people who misplace the original agenda and they will appreciate your preparation. If your audience is younger and more tech savvy, you could even design an event app or website landing page. Apps and website plugins allow attendees to choose which sessions they want to attend and create an easily accessible schedule stored on their phone.

The messaging around your event is not the only place you need to consider your audience. Your target attendees should be top-of-mind when choosing a venue. Do they like luxury or are they more interested in old-fashioned charm? Would they prefer intimate meeting spaces or spacious rooms? Boise has a wide range of exciting venue options to please every audience.

As the event comes near, keep in contact with event attendees via email or text. Ensure that all questions are tended to prior to the event start, so everything runs smoothly. 

Lastly, lean on the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) team for free assistance in putting together all the moving parts. Our team has run countless events and understands what it takes to be successful. 

#4: Venue & Accommodation Selections

Choosing the right venue and accommodations is vital for any corporate meeting. First, think logistically about what kind of space your event requires. Will you need a large meeting space or a more intimate setting? Then, consider the various types of venues available that fit your needs.

No matter what you envision for your attendees, Boise has the perfect space for you. With over 6,000 hotel rooms to choose from including a modern convention center, historic Basque Block and tons of unique local spaces, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

The Boise Centre, in the heart of downtown Boise, is a popular venue for corporate meetings. With 31 flexible meeting and event spaces, modern amenities and beautiful views of the Boise Foothills. Best of all, the venue is less than ten minutes from the Boise airport. Boise Center is suitable for groups of up to 2,000 people.

Whichever venue you choose, ensure your lodging accommodations are easily accessible from that location. Work with planners to figure out all the details. Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the event location? Do attendees get a discounted nightly hotel rate?

#5: Create a Checklist & a Backup Plan

To make the day run smoothly, create a checklist. It’s difficult to remember everything that needs to be done during the excitement of the event. The list will help you stay organized and confident. Make sure your schedule allows for some flexibility in case additional tasks need to be taken care of while on site.

Don’t forget that the Boise CVB team is happy to help you with any of your event planning needs. We want your corporate meeting to be one people can’t stop talking about!

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