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Host Healthier Meetings in Boise

Planning events outside of your own city can be stressful with lots of logistical challenges. How do you pick a venue? What about lodging, caterers and event promotion? Meeting planners are often surprised at the range of services Visit Boise offers. From helping you choose the perfect venue to event marketing and finding suppliers within the city, we are committed to making your event a success. Not to mention, all these services are free! Keep reading for more benefits of partnering with Visit Boise to plan your next event.

More than ever, meeting attendees are seeking out healthier conference options. No one wants to spend three days indoors, sitting down, eating fast food, and not exercising. The past few years were a wake-up call about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Fortunately, Boise makes it easy to host healthier meetings. 

From its farm-fresh food to blue sky days, active population and abundance of outdoor recreation, Boise is truly a wellness destination. There are also small ways you, as meeting planners, can help attendees return home feeling rejuvenated. Keep reading to learn how you can host healthier meetings that’ll leave your attendees both impressed and refreshed. 

1. Promote Active Transportation

In Downtown Boise, there’s no need to call an Uber. Everything is within walking distance! Attendees will be happy to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. Make sure to offer recommendations for restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The Visit Boise team is happy to supply you with a walkable restaurant map to share with your attendees. 

For further treks, attendees can rent bikes and explore the 25-mile Greenbelt path. This tree-lined pathway provides scenic views and access to many of Boise’s riverside parks. 

2. Provide Healthy Food Options

One of the best ways to set your event apart is to serve delicious and healthy food. Luckily, Boise is a foodie haven. From locally-sourced ingredients to diverse global cuisines, you’ll find nourishing choices here for every taste. Our staff will work with you to pick the perfect menu including gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.    

People eating dinner on the patio at Fork

3. Offer Alternatives to Sitting

A simple way to encourage physical activity is to allow meeting attendees to stand rather than sit during meetings. Prolonged sitting has been linked to increased risk of obesity, heart disease, some cancers and poor mental health. Meeting facilitators can also instruct attendees to stand during applause and when contributing to group discussions. 

For smaller gatherings, meeting planners can opt for walking meetings. Boise’s walkable downtown area is within minutes of the convention center. Attendees will appreciate the lively scenery with more than 100 shops, 80 restaurants, microbreweries and museums. 

4. Embrace Breaks

Attendee burnout can be a problem at jam-packed conferences and events. Plan your event to include break times, where attendees can process information and socialize. They will be more apt to internalize what they’re learning, if they are in a good mental space. 

Another idea is to instruct speakers to begin their sessions with a mindfulness exercise. Speakers could start their sessions by encouraging attendees to take deep breaths and become present in the moment. 

Barista helping a customer

5. Give Away Healthy Goodie Bags

Everyone loves goodie bags! In addition to event collateral, filling goodie bags with healthy snacks, water bottles, and coupons for excursions will be memorable to attendees. They will feel taken care of and remember your event as being well-planned and courteous. To help fill your goodie bags, Boise offers a number of complimentary collateral materials with 30-days notice. Some of these items include a city map, restaurant guide, Q&A brochure, and a badge for special deals. 

6. Advertise Fitness Options

Whether in the goodie bags or through an email, attendees will appreciate information about fitness options. Not only do most of Boise’s hotels have gyms, but there are also lots of options around to take drop-in fitness classes. Alternatively, attendees might want to venture off on their own for a bike ride, hike, kayaking trip or another adventure. Letting them know about their choices will demonstrate your event cares about attendees’ health. 

7. Plan Group Activities

When it comes to excursions and team building activities, Boise is in a league of its own. From white water rafting to skiing and golfing, there are endless possibilities for outdoor adventures. No matter the season, you’ll find tons of options to bring the team together. These activities will not only get everyone outside taking in the sunlight, but also exercising their bodies in ways they normally wouldn’t. 

If your group wants to do something a little more low-key, Boise has you covered. From cooking contests to walking tours and a glass blowing class, there are choices for every personality.

hiking in boise foothills
Photo credit: Lee Cohen for BVEP

Making your event a healthier experience doesn’t have to cost tons of money. When you host in a wellness destination like Boise, all that’s involved is a little planning and proactive communication with your attendees. Our team at Visit Boise can assist you throughout the process. Rest assured, the effort you put into making your event healthier will be returned through all of your happy attendees.