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Corporate Event Ideas for Bringing Your Team to Boise

With Boise’s year-round activities and thriving downtown area, it’s no wonder our city is ranked among the most desirable travel destinations in America. If you’re looking for a business-related excuse to visit Boise, you’ve come to the right place. From opportunities for educational training to celebrating milestones and connecting employees, hosting any of these events will offer significant value for your business. Check out our list of corporate event ideas below, including the benefits of each one, to inspire your team’s next visit.

1. Team Building Events

Team building events are well-known for boosting company morale and increasing collaboration. Everyone gets to know each other better, especially employees who might not always have the opportunity to interact. Communication improves across the board, which results in greater performance and creativity. Boise has dozens of team building activities to choose from for every personality. From white water rafting, to culturally-rich food and wine tours or a Chopped cooking competition, choose your adventure! 

2. Educational Conferences

While conferences tend to require more planning, they can go a long way for your team’s professional development. Businesses can bring in experts to speak about the latest innovations in their industry. For example, a conference could focus on digital marketing, sales and earning goals or the future of IT/tech. These talks often spark new ideas and lively discussions, as well as increase employee engagement. Boise has meeting spaces to fit any conference format, including the premier Boise Centre. Located in the middle of downtown, Idaho’s largest conference center offers 86,000 square feet of event space and can accommodate groups of 20 to 1,600.

3. New Product Launches

Launching your company’s new product during a memorable event sets your product up for success! With the whole team together under one roof, companies have the opportunity to educate employees on the details of the product, so everyone can speak about it with confidence. In addition to your employees, you can also invite loyal customers and members of the media to build hype and anticipation. The Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau offers free professional planning assistance to help with anything you might need from finding the perfect event space to hiring live entertainment. 

4. Corporate Trainings

It’s always positive for your team to learn new skills! From leadership training to effective communication, sales tactics and technology how-to’s, there are tons of useful training programs you could offer your team. You might even have a new system the company is using that you want everyone to be brought up to speed on. After a day of learning, employees can continue building their relationships by walking downtown to the many bars and restaurants, shops, entertainment, the Boise River or Basque Block.  

5. Strategic Planning Meetings

If your team wants to set new goals or change current processes, a strategic planning meeting can be incredibly beneficial. Everyone gets together in person and brainstorms strategies for achieving your company’s vision. When many of your employees work in different parts of the country, the in-person element provides a deeper level of collaboration. The face-to-face structure ensures everyone is engaged and present, while also making sure the team leaves aligned in their strategy. When teams are stuck in a rut, these meetings are great for getting from where you are today to the future you want.  

6. Company Parties

Whether you have a big company milestone to celebrate or you just want to get the team together for the holidays, company parties are excellent for building camaraderie. Teams who socialize outside of work tend to have greater trust and relationships. These stronger bonds build positive feelings around the company that translate into better performance. Boise has tons of options for unique company party venues. Whether you want to book a restaurant, event hall or non-traditional space, Boise has exactly what you’re envisioning. 

No matter your reason for visiting Boise, we think a trip to Idaho’s capital city is a solid investment for your business. There’s something about Boise that inspires teamwork, creative ideas, and powerful memories. If you don’t see your corporate event idea on our list, reach out to us! We’re more than happy to help your vision come to life.