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Two drinks from The Lively

Tasty Temperance Options in Boise

Boise’s craft cocktail scene is filled to the brim with unique options. But did you know there’s also a plethora of non-leaded choices to quench your thirst? It’s true – there’s a surge of creative NA (non-alcoholic) drinks popping up on menus throughout Boise and are all well-worth a try.  This is where to start when the sober-curiousity sets in.

Art Haus Bar

999 W Main St P101, Boise, ID

NA doesn’t mean no night life. Stroll in for a NA cocktail and stay awhile for some ramen and darts. 

More information here.

The Lively 

505 W Bannock St, Boise, ID

“Eat. Drink. Be Lively.” is the approach at The Lively. Their beverage program includes a temperance menu making sure everyone has an option to feel lively. Be sure to try the Profit & Loss! 

More information here.

Lost Grove Brewing  

1026 S La Pointe St, Boise, ID

Think a brewery is just about beer? Think again! The tap at Lost Grove includes local kombucha from Idaho Kombucha Co and switchels and soda from Erth Beverage. Make it a meal by adding in a salad or pizza! Located right off the greenbelt, Lost Grove is a perfect stop for any adventure. 

More information here. 

Karuna Kava Bar & Beverage Company 

5220 N Sawyer Ave Unit A, Garden City, ID

Karuna Kava Bar is redefining what it means to drink socially. The zero-proof lounge has a menu focused on drinks derived from the kava plant, known for its health benefits but also hop waters, coffee, tea, kombucha and more. 

More information here.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft 

1114 W Front St, Boise, ID

A brewery with funky vibes and darts, Woodland Empire Ale Craft, also has NA beers, kombucha, switchel, hop waters, and more! Located right in the heart of Boise, they are an easy walk away from any Downtown adventuring.  

More information here