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Family hiking through the Boise foothills

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Visit Boise is happy to welcome media with an interest in our city. Our goal is to make it easier for you to tell the story that your audiences will enjoy.

Suitcase & Camera

Media Services & Support

Our public relations agency of record, Fahlgren Mortine, is ready to work with qualified media in this process. Because we rely on funding provided by public agencies, we are careful about how much support we offer to traveling media. Our qualifying process helps us gauge that support level.

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Thanks to our supportive partners in the Boise lodging industry, we are able to get visiting media anything from media rates to full coverage. We make that determination based on the qualifying process, and our ability to book rooms may be limited based on the season, other events, etc. To get started, click here to fill out our hosting request form.

Itinerary building

Want to try to tell a story that needs some local experiences to illustrate the story? We can brainstorm with reporters to help build a schedule that will inform and highlight your visit to Boise. 

Story ideas & pitch development

We feel your pain. It’s not always easy to craft just the right hook to get editors to agree to run a story. We’ve been there, we’re working on this every day, and we’re more than happy to be a sounding board and give you our perspective on what has worked in the past as well as provide new ideas because Boise is always changing. 

Fact checking

Our Visit Boise team and media relations specialists with Fahlgren Mortine are happy to puzzle out the truth about some of the myths and oft-told legends that may or may not be true. 

Access to our photography & media library

Visit Boise maintains a thorough gallery of images from Boise and its surrounding areas. Qualifying media are given free rein to source the image they’re after, download it, and place it into their publication plan. View the media hub here.

Introductions to local sources and experts

Boise has a lot to offer when it comes time to answer those head-scratcher questions. Need a winemaker? A Basque cultural expert? A Michelin-star chef? Top athletes from former Olympic Champions to resident marathon trainers as well as top mountain bike freeriders are all in our rolodex. 

Media Hosting Policies

We welcome members of the media and are happy to assist with your request. Please review our hosting policies.


Media Hosting Request Form

Thanks for your interest in Boise! Use this form to submit a hosting request.


Media Contact

John Curtis

Falhgren Mortine

(208) 901-2780

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