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Media Hosting Policies

Thank you for your interest in visiting Boise! Visit Boise welcomes working members of the media and is available to assist with your storytelling needs. For journalists interested in any kind of complimentary or hosted assistance during a press visit to the area, we’ve assembled guidelines and a policy for hosting, along with a request form, below. This information is needed in order for Visit Boise to process your request and work with industry partners. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Visit Boise media hosting policies & guidelines

Individual media support is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to availability. Visit Boise’s primary objective is to host working members of the media. Host hotels, attractions and restaurants are not always able to accommodate spouses, children, family, and friends accompanying working journalists. Visit Boise needs at least four weeks notice in advance of your requested travel dates. (That’s four weeks from the day the request form is completed). We need time to process your request, determine what assistance we can provide and work with our industry partners to make sure you have the best possible experience in the area. Once we receive a completed request form, a representative with Fahlgren Mortine will work with Visit Boise to review the request. A Fahlgren Mortine representative will then inform journalists what support Visit Boise can provide. This process can take up to three weeks.

Visit Boise has a limited budget to cover airfare, rental cars or other ground transportation and support will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Regarding complimentary meals, Visit Boise relies heavily on our culinary partners to provide dining assistance to visiting media. Priority will be given to food writers who are producing food and culinary-specific stories. Visit Boise cannot pay for alcohol for visiting media. If you are planning to include wine and spirit options for visitors in your story, Visit Boise will work with those partners to assist with your needs. If you have a change in plans, please notify us immediately. We also ask that you share a copy of your print, digital, broadcast, or social story as soon as possible after the story runs.

Freelance writers

For freelance writers, we require a firm assignment letter or confirmation email of story acceptance from an editor in order for complimentary hosting assistance to be considered. We are not able to approve complimentary assistance for writers without an assignment and confirmation of producing media coverage of the destination. Please email or mail examples of most recent travel writing work after submitting the online form to:

Bloggers & online influencers

The same general criterion applies to bloggers/online influencers as it does to traditional media as noted above. The level of support Visit Boise provides bloggers is determined by several factors including website analytics and traffic, reader engagement, social media reach, experience working with other brands or destinations, number of posts planned and relevance of the blog’s audience. After submitting the form, please email a screenshot of your online analytics information that includes page views and unique visitors for at least the last three months to In addition, if you have a media kit, please send.

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Media Hosting Form

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