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Unveiling Idaho’s Culinary Gems: The Boise Potato Trail Pass and Urban Wine Trail Pass

Nestled in the heart of the Gem State, Boise, Idaho, is a destination renowned for its diverse culinary offerings that pay homage to the region’s rich agricultural heritage. Among the myriad of gastronomic adventures that await visitors, two standout experiences are a must try in Boise’s culinary scene: the Boise Potato Trail Pass and the Urban Wine Trail Pass. These unique passes offer an immersive journey through the vibrant tapestry of Idaho’s culinary landscape, celebrating the humble potato and the burgeoning wine industry that has flourished in the urban heart of the state.

Boise Idaho® Potato Trail 

No trip to Boise is complete without trying an Idaho potato! That’s right – Idaho grows nearly one-third of the United States’ potatoes. We felt that it was only right to launch our very own Boise Idaho® Potato Trail Pass. We’ve curated a list of our favorite must-try potato dishes in the Boise area. These dishes range from Pie Hole’s potato bacon pizza to Madre Boutique Taqueria’s Idaho spud and chorizo taco to Guru Donut’s cinnamon sugar doughnut made with Idaho® Potatoes. The pass is free to download and ready to use instantly. Earn points as you eat your way through potato dishes in Boise to earn prizes like an Idaho Potato Commission branded potato peeler, Spuddy Buddy golf head cover and many more! The Boise Idaho® Potato Trail Pass is not only a way to explore the city of Boise but also way to try all the ways a potato can be enjoyed!  

Sign up for the Boise Idaho® Potato Trail here.

Boise Urban Wine Trail 

Boise has many unique wineries and cideries that you can drive, walk, or bike to. Visit Boise has created a free pass to help guide you around the unique flavors that Boise and Garden City have to offer. The Urban Wine Trail is an exclusive experience that you can download and easily access on your phone. Sign up for this pass to access special offers to Boise’s urban wineries as well accumulate points as you visit each location. These points are redeemable for Visit Boise swag, an Idaho Wine Commission wine key, and a $25 Downtown Boise gift card, depending on how many places you check in to and offers you redeem. Boise’s Urban Wine Trail is a great way to get a taste of Idaho’s wine scene and to earn some cool swag along the way!   

Sign up for Boise Wine Trail here.

Whether you’re visiting Boise for a long weekend or you live here in the Treasure Valley, these passes are a unique way to explore the culinary and wine scenes in Boise.  Sign up now to get your Boise adventure started! 

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