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Create a ‘Downtown Takeover Vibe for your Next Boise Meeting

In Idaho’s capital city, there are plenty of built-in attendance boosters right in the heart of one of the coolest neighborhoods in the U.S.: downtown Boise. Plan your ‘downtown takeover’ with this helpful itinerary.

The more your attendees can see and do in a city (and the easier it all is), the more likely they are to attend your meeting or event.

And, in Idaho’s capital city, there are plenty of built-in attendance boosters right in the heart of one of the coolest neighborhoods in the U.S.: downtown Boise.

The proximity, walkability and sheer recreational options of our downtown district create that vibe of a ‘downtown takeover’ when groups come to Boise.

Take a look at how you can create this experience for your attendees.

From Airport to Attractions in Minutes (Really.)

Near-effortless accessibility from the airport to downtown (only 7 minutes) makes it easy to explore all of our core entertainment, attractions and hidden gems. Once in the heart of the city, attendees can venture on foot or grab public transportation.

Downtown Must-Sees

Thanks to the pedestrian-friendliness of downtown, your group can go from a meeting or convention at a venue like Boise Centre (Idaho’s largest convention facility) to exploring local and eclectic shops, patio spots, microbreweries, wine tasting rooms, quaint coffee shops and farm-to-table restaurants.

Core attractions include:

Freak Alley Gallery – the Northwest’s largest open-air, multi-artist mural gallery
Idaho State Capitol Building – our state’s most treasured building, and just steps from the convention center
Garden City – an urban district nestled along the Boise River and less than two miles from downtown, with cultural, culinary and creative experiences
The Basque Block – the most notable place in the U.S. to experience the Basque culture; featuring the Basque Museum, restaurants with an authentic taste of Basque culture, the Basque Market (full of wines and food from the Basque Country and Spain) and the Basque Center which is home to community events and Basque dancing and gatherings

Nearby Nature in the City of Trees

Attendees can actually step outside their hotel room in the center of town and find a 25-mile long riverside Greenbelt path, a Ridge to Rivers trailhead leading into wild and scenic foothills, or one of the expansive, interconnected parks lining the city—enjoying any one of them in under five minutes.

Some outdoor attractions include:

Downtown Hotels

After a long day of meeting, learning and exploring, attendees are going to need a good night’s rest. From high-end or low-key lodging to modern or classic to big or boutique, you’ll find it downtown.

Hotels (most within a walk/short drive of Boise Centre) include:

The Downtown Dine-Around

Downtown’s dining scene is walkable and includes nearly every style of food and flavor in our restaurants—from farm-to-table fare to swank lounge menus to casual pub bites to ethnic cuisines. Our core is also home to a downtown distillery and several breweries and wineries, so your group can find a perfectly made cocktail or small-batch brews at the ready! 

Plan Your ‘Downtown Takeover’ Itinerary With Our Team

Ready to plan a downtown takeover itinerary full of activities, dining, tours and unique experiences? Submit an RFP today and let us know that you’re looking at downtown as your main hub. Our friendly experts will help you get started after you reach out. 

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