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Spitfire | Craft Pizza & Pints

Bar / Restaurant

Spitfire | Craft Pizza & Pints

(208) 342-9451

2450 S Vista Ave

Boise, ID 83705

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“Spitfire was a very pleasant surprise. My brother and I were passing through Boise for the evening, after driving for more than 7 hours and this place was a welcomed find. It was pretty close to our hotel, so we walked there after googling places around. We were welcomed by a nice host/cashier who was very nice. She gave us some suggestions for local beer to try on their taps and every recommendation was great. We ordered our food to share (a medium pizza) and ended up devouring it to the point of wanting another. So we ordered another! March Madness were on at the time so we ended up staying seated with beers and our pizza for a while. Very comfortable place to hang. There are a lot of TVs. As I sat there, however, I tend to look over a place in detail after reviewing so many spots here on Google. And that's when I did notice the floor being a bit dirty. And all-around the dining area didn't seem super clean. Now, for me, I don't mind a bit of a mess. I understand staffing issues and the difficulty of having to stay on top of cleanliness. But even so, to be a 5-star place you have to to hit all the marks. They're pizza hits the mark. Absolutely delicious. The Detroit style is something I don't go out of my way to get, but this place does it right. Flavor, topping, non-greasy. I loved it.“

4 out of 5 stars

“The pizzas (lunch special deal) my wife were dripping in oil and didn’t have a lot of toppings. Granted it’s the lunch special and a watered down version of the main course, but some more toppings would have made for a more substantial meal. We didn’t try the Detroit style pizza, but as other reviews suggest I’m guessing those are of better quality. Nice selection of beers on tap.“

2 out of 5 stars

“Long wait. Didn't even talk to any employee for almost 20 minutes. Another couple had been standing there even longer and they had reservations. Another 10 minutes goes by and the hostess finally arrives at her post and then doesn't say anything time as I sit there waiting. Then it was another half hour before the online order was brought to me. Not sure why it's reservations only, there doesn't seem to be any condition of time in there anyway.“

1 out of 5 stars

“We've been here before and had a great experience. However, this was a busy Friday night with more takeout orders going out the door than in person diners being served. We had the Sweet and Spicy pizza. Our pizza arrived after a 40 minute wait and was luke warm and the sauce that topped the pizza was cold. However, it tasted good with ample amount of toppings. The couple in the booth across from us decided to take their luke warm pizza home to heat it up. Everyone has an off night and we'll try again but definitely not on a Friday evening.“

4 out of 5 stars

“Place wasn't very welcoming. Need more cheerful staff. Sides of pizza were burnt. Dough was not cooked all the way through on top. That was gross. Didn't refill water at all so ate 4 slices of pizza with a cup of water. It is weird he cashed us out first. Shouldn't have tipped wasn't worth it. Place wasn't super clean. Waiter had nasty stains on his pants. Needs to wear an apron and some gloves. I won't be back. Ordered Detroit Ultimate Supreme“

2 out of 5 stars

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