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Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Park / Tourist Attraction

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

(208) 345-0304

770 S 8th St

Boise, ID 83702

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“This trip was so insightful. I was amazed by the quotes written on the walls by so many different people in reference to this horrific time in history. It literally tortures me to see the things humans have done to one another. Bottom line we are all people! Not one better than another. Some may make better choices, but we are all human beings. I think anyone interested in that time and events should visit. Honestly I think everyone should.“

5 out of 5 stars

“When I lived out there for 2 years, this was my safe place. At night they have all monuments lit up and you can still read and get immersed in the History. It has to have running water flowing around the made mini river. It was a place of Peace and tranquility in a historic time in History where life was chaotic. Reading these stories humbles, and reminds me how blessed I truly am. April 2020 I was able to show my daughter Anne Frank Memorial. We walked and read what people wrote about during this dark part of History. It was another humbling experience for the both of us. It was beautiful!“

5 out of 5 stars

“We actually stumbled across this memorial after a visit to the library. I was surprised that a visit here wasn't mentioned on any to do lists for Boise. A good place to contemplate humanities shortcomings.“

5 out of 5 stars

“Surprisingly quiet location right near downtown Boise. Spent a while reading the various quotes on the walls and benches. Great spot to visit!“

5 out of 5 stars

“My experience has been remarkable regarding the actual memorial. However my experience with officials implying their active participation in solely covering the negative vandalism, or when they're patting themselves on the back is absolutely deplorable to myself personally. More knowing how much, and how consistently personally I've done everything I can to perpetuate love while media coverage solely interested in cowards hate. It saddens my heart to observe the media misconstrue how "people cOMe there to reflect", that's my back in that shot televised, and after seeing it I have to say I'm doubtlessly certain I'm not who needs to reflect. I'd also like to know how it is Dr. Viktor Frankle is no where to be seen anywhere at the memorial??? Hardcore sad face, and too great for hate is ironic given it's a human rights memorial only acknowledged when vandalized! ?“

1 out of 5 stars

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial
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