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Humpin’ Hannah’s

Bar / Night Club

Humpin’ Hannah’s

(208) 345-7557

621 W Main St

Boise, ID 83702

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“5 stars to Shaun who was posted as the bouncer on the stairs all night. At approximately 12:45 AM, a gentlemen became aggressive with his flirting on the dance floor and when I decided to seek solace with Shaun on the stairs he made sure to observe and give me comfort that the environment was still OK. When a female is dancing alone on the dance floor there are few places to be comfortable and Shaun made sure that I was safe. He even offered a wig for me to hide myself which had been left on the stairwell all night. Dustin, the door bouncer, was very accommodating and sweet when we had a group of smokers. He knew our faces and outfits and even let us in when the long was too long. The security staff at this bar deserves 5 stars!“

5 out of 5 stars

“I’m a small 22 year old girl and when I walked into the bar this bouncer who is a huge man with spikey hair started screaming at me and yelling telling me to go up the stairs for no reason. I felt disrespected and violated. I was not causing any harm to anyone and he continued to yell at me. The bouncers at this club have zero respect for the customers. I worked at Amsterdam next door for 3 years and never had I seen any bouncer treat people the way that their bouncers do. Furthermore, this bouncer has been there for a long time and apparently disrespect is acceptable here. There was no private event or any reason to go upstairs when I was meeting friends on the bottom floor. There has not been one time I have met a nice bartender at this club. The experience is not one I would recommend as someone working in the industry for many years.“

1 out of 5 stars

“Friend of mine had recently turned 21 and went downtown for the first time, big bouncer with spiked hair(think his name was Jason) turned him away right at the door for no apparent reason and then yelled at me and started talking disrespectfully when I politely asked what happened. Would be nice to get some clarity so that my friend can have a good experience in the future.“

1 out of 5 stars

“Trashyyy waitresses. One specifically comes to mind that starts with a K and ends with a LEE. Tell her to put some more make up on that troll face. Maybe she’ll get more tips. But I bet she gets plenty dif kinds of tips after work already ? Tell your bouncers to put down the hotdogs btw. Can they even see their feet??“

1 out of 5 stars

“All white music! The only good thing are the pool tables. No culture tho!“

1 out of 5 stars

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