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Open Casting Call

February 17 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm MST

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17TH 9A-4PM The Dreamweaver Collective at JUMP is holding an open casting call for their short films written and produced by local film enthusiasts to debut at the Dreamweaver Film Festival in July 2024 here at JUMP. Casting will take place in the LOFT on the 5th floor from 9am-4pm on Saturday February 17th. No previous experience necessary. All ages and genders welcome. Sign up below. DREAMWEAVER ROUND 3 –ROLES TO FILL: TAKE ONE: A film about making films funny and fun. 1. 1st DIRECTOR – Male, 20s-30s, an unknown filmmaker struggling his way through an ambitious short film with a lot riding on it. Straining under a limited budget and struggling to communicate his vision. 2. 2nd DIRECTOR – Female, 30s, an established filmmaker in the local indie scene. Confident in her vision and in her control over the set. Overworked and underappreciated for her efforts. 3. 3rd DIRECTOR – Female, 20s, extremely ambitious, artsy filmmaker trapped making soft drink commercials. Determined to make her mark and show off her undeniable skill, and furious with the soda executives who just want a basic ad. SINGING ABILITY REQUIRED. 4. 4th DIRECTOR – Male, 40s, a man risking everything he has on his passion project, after decades of not pursuing his dream. This film is his last and only chance to make it, and he’s terrified of what will happen if he fails. 5. 5th DIRECTOR – Female, 40s, auteur filmmaker beloved by the festival circuit, yet still short of mainstream success. Deeply insecure over her own ability to make a meaningful artistic statement. 6. 6th DIRECTOR – Male, 50s, a successful studio filmmaker who gets paid well to make big budget projects. Nonetheless feeling as though he’s wasted his life not making anything that really matters. 7. ACTRESS – Female, 20s, beautiful young actress. Must be able to speak in a Brooklyn accent. 8. CAM OP – Male, 20s, crewman on a short film. Fresh out of film school. 9. MAKEUP ARTIST – Female, 20s-40s, key MUA on an indie film. Must be familiar with makeup application. 10. CINEMATOGRAPHER – Male, 30s, crewman on a TV ad. Man of few words. 11. EXECUTIVE – Male, 40s-50s, middleman for a soda company. Trying hard to be a nice boss but getting pushed to his limit. 12. MOBSTER – Male, 50s, Goodfellas-type gangster. Easy-going exterior but can get scary when he needs to. 13. SCRIPT SUPER – Female, 40s, script supervisor for 5th Director. Tired on a long day of work. 14. GOVERNMENT AGENT – Male/Female, 30s-60s, mysterious CIA-type. Intimidating presence. 15. 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR – Male/Female, 40s-50s, long-suffering AD to 6th Director. Used to dealing with boss’s moods. YELLOW BALLOON: A film about mistakes that are made and where they go from here. Serious/Drama 1. FRANK – Male, 20s-30s, former Army mechanic. Served in Iraq but having trouble finding a decent job. Bitter and hot-tempered. 2. WALT – Male, 50s, Sheriff’s Deputy. Throughout his long career, he’s seen it all and is impressed by very little. Takes a laidback approach to his job. 3. SEAN – Male, 20s, Sheriff’s Deputy. New to the force, still inexperienced. Haunted by a troubled relationship with his now-deceased father. 4. MISSY – Female, 5, Frank’s daughter. Sweet kid but with a tendency to throw fits. 5. SANDRA – Female, 20s-30s, Frank’s ex-wife. Disappointed with her former husband. 6. RECEPTIONIST – Male/Female, any age, works at a therapist’s office. Bored but polite. 7. HUSBAND – Male, 50s, no-nonsense but a little complacent. 8. WIFE – Female, 50s, just a few steps shy of being a Karen. 9. VENDOR – Male/Female, any age, doesn’t care as long as they get paid. 10. PARAMEDIC – Male/Female, 30s, professional but friendly with police force. WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT: A film about a Seussical world returning to childhood. Fun comedy. 1. TED – Male, 30s, widower, worn down by tragedy and soul-sucking job, but not fully without a spark of life in him. 2. DAISY – Female, 6-10, Ted’s daughter. Adorable kid bursting with joy and youthful energy. 3. SUE – Female, 30s, Ted’s late wife. A vibrant, colorful person. Needed only for a photo. 4. BUSINESSPEOPLE – Male/Female, range of ages, worn-down corporate drones dead to everything but the quest for a raise. 5. CHILD – Male, 6-10, nervous-looking kid. 6. ARMS – Looking for people who can be very expressive with only their arms. Sign up here:


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