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Event Series Event Series: Dido and Aeneas & Aeterna

Dido and Aeneas & Aeterna

June 18 @ 7:30 pm 10:00 pm MDT

DIDO & AENEAS (HENRY PURCELL) & AETERNA (JAKE LANDAU AND EMILY GARBER) AT THE EGYPTIAN THEATRE CONCEIVED AND DESIGNED BY ANDREA DELGIUDICE THE NEW VOICE FESTIVAL CHAMBER ENSEMBLE CONDUCTOR, JAKE LANDAU DIRECTOR, YURI NAPOLI & ANDREA DELGIUDICE Presenting a new concept designed and directed, by dramaturg Andrea DelGiudice depicting the operas during an apocalyptic time when women warriors ruled Carthage. The story introduces the Sorceress, and Juno and how their lives intersect in the destruction of Carthage and the fate of both Dido and Aeneas. The story continues with the new crossover opera & Aeterna, by composer Jake Landau, and librettist Emily Garber, where the daughter of Dido (Aeterna) is raised by the Goddess Juno and becomes the Queen of Carthage while searching for parents she has never met. Co-directed by Yuri Napoli. Synopsis Dido and Aeneas, is an apocalyptic world, where female warriors rule, Aeneas fled the destruction of his home, saved by the Gods to found the city to be their greatest legacy: Rome. But when he is stranded on Carthage, he must throw himself on the mercy of its warrior queen, Dido. Dido is dedicated to caring for her city and people. In Aeneas, she meets a man who she believes could be her equal–but they can never share a life. Just as she will not abandon Carthage, he cannot abandon his future city of Rome. Their journey is laden with love, danger, and deceit –as their duty, the scorned sorceress Medea, and fate tear them apart. In death, Dido sends Aeneas away, and births her daughter, Aeterna, and the saga continues… & Aeterna follows the story of Dido and Aeneas’s eponymous daughter. After her mother’s death and Father’s abandonment, Aeterna has been raised as Carthage’s new queen by the city’s Goddess protector, Juno. When news comes of Aeneas founding the city that he chose over Dido—Rome—Aeterna, guided by Juno, sets out to avenge her mother and change the fate of her home. For if she kills Aeneas, then Rome will never rise to destroy Carthage. But Aeterna has spent a lifetime yearning to connect with the parents she has never known, and trying to understand how to find her own place among gods and destiny. As she nears Aeneas on her long, dangerous journey, what is her calling, will she forgive her father, or kill him?


Gemma Arts
(208) 353-0098
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700 West Main Street
Boise, ID 83702 United States
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